WWF cover-up of rangers’ rapes, murder, revealed in new Buzzfeed News investigation

July 11, 2019

A new Buzzfeed investigation has revealed WWF-backed rangers committed murder and gang-rape, and the organization tried to cover it up © Buzzfeed

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A new investigation by Buzzfeed News has revealed:

- WWF-backed rangers gang-raped pregnant women, murdered one villager and tortured others in the Congo
- WWF cut short an investigation into the atrocities, and tried to cover it up
- The charity asked its partners to treat the findings in “a non-public fashion”
- WWF failed to disclose the investigation’s report to a Congressional committee investigating whether US aid money funded human rights abuses

Survival International’s Director Stephen Corry said today: “More shocks about WWF, more proof that the abuses being committed by WWF-funded rangers are even worse than already reported. And that they will go on and on until WWF’s funders finally pull the plug on this corrupt and totally discredited organization.

“If anyone still harbored any hopes that WWF was serious about actually changing its ways, this should comprehensively demolish them.”

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